This Fed Up Army Colonel Calls Out Cowardly Politically Correct Liberals. EPIC!

Liberals love to be as politically correct (PC) as humanly possible. It’s been a known fact for a long time.

Here to say that being PS is a bunch of BS, is retired U.S. Army infantry colonel, Kurt Schlichter. His recent article on liberals using PC words because it’s convenient to them is absolutely incredible. He states,

Liberals don’t try to ban our ‘politically incorrect’ language because our language is inaccurate – they try to ban it precisely because it is too accurate.

Take ‘anchor babies.’ It’s a terrific term – vivid, memorable, and descriptive of the phenomenon. That’s why it must be stomped out. “They’re called babies,” Her Majesty tweeted after Jeb Bush, of all people, pushed back on the mainstream media when it scolded him about it. But of course, ‘anchor babies’ are not merely ‘babies.’ They are the babies of illegal aliens birthed within the territory and jurisdiction of the U.S.A. (sorry, 14th Amendment revisionists) who are then used as a means for the rest of their family to stay here permanently and weasel from us benefits to which they are not morally entitled.

A ‘baby,’ in contrast, is any kind of baby – unless it’s been carried into a Planned Parenthood butcher shop. Liberals would subsume the specific (‘anchor babies’) within the general (‘babies’) in the hope that we lose sight of our point and become unable to communicate our objection to the scam that creates them.

Wow! I like this guy already! He continues,

While they are not all ‘workers,’ they are all ‘aliens.’ The illegal alien scumbag who murdered Kate Steinle wasn’t a busy little beaver bringing home the chorizo to his family, all of whom were likewise employed. Calling them ‘workers’ is simply another lie designed to distract from the critical point – many aren’t ‘workers,’ and those of us who aren’t aliens are paying for them.

Yes, they are ‘aliens.’ They are not Americans. That makes them ‘aliens.’ Not Star Wars cantina aliens, but aliens nonetheless. And the left hates that term because calling them ‘aliens’ emphasizes the fact that they are not Americans and, unless the GOP establishment decides to commit ritual suicide, they aren’t ever going to be Americans.

BOOM! Take that Liberals. His conclusion is the best part.

Politically, pushing back against PC is a winning strategy. Donald Trump has practically built his whole campaign around doing that. Jeb Bush got his first good news cycle in months by refusing to kow tow. Others did too when they showed some courage; Marco Rubio put months of rebuilding at risk when he didn’t.

People are tired of being commanded to lie, because when you consciously use language that fails to fully and accurately describe its subject, that’s a lie. Political correctness is a gag we choose to wear ourselves. And we can choose not to.

Do you agree with Kurt? I sure do. Let’s hear it in the comments!