This EPIC Billboard Has Black Lives Matter MADDER Than Ever, I Can’t Stop Cheering!

The cop hating rhetoric from organizations around the country, including the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter, has been a sticking point in the media for months now. It’s gotten to a point where people are starting to murder police over the hateful and misinformed speech and teachings of these groups.

However, some aren’t part of the politically correct mafia and have decided to fight back in the only way they know how, with public displays. In Muncie, Indiana, a billboard was spotted with the following text on it:

Hate cops? The next time you need help, call a crackhead.

A billboard in Indiana has caused some controversy in the wake of the high-profile police killings and officer-involved shooting deaths of African-American men.

The electronic billboard in Muncie caught the eyes of plenty of people around the town Saturday and one person described it as “vulgar” and “discriminatory.” It read “Hate cops? The next time you need help call a crackhead.”

Megan Thomas told The Star Press on Sunday that she noticed the sign while walking with her niece. She said she was offended by the message, which she alleged was “vulgar, discriminatory to many different classes of people in our city.” She said it also seemed to have been up ahead of a police brutality protest.

“I was very ashamed that something so dividing was present in Muncie,” she added.

The sign was unapologetic and direct – it illustrated the need for cops in society by outlining that without police around, the worst neighborhoods would be on their own to work out their own problems. This is a position that would decimate high-crime areas. However, as more politically correct whiners said that the sign was offensive, it was taken down with a less divisive sign, one that honors the men and women of law enforcement:

The Star Press reported that by Monday two other messages were up on the billboard: “Love, Respect, Support Law Enforcement” and “Love, Support, Support Law Enforcement.”

The billboard is located in the parking lot of a liquor store in Muncie. Chris Johnson, the owner of the store, told the paper that he called the billboard company to tell them that he was hearing complaints about the messaging and he was told it would be taken down immediately and reworded.

It’s clear that the anti-cop rhetoric in this country has come to a dangerous tipping point, and we’re glad to see that not everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid. Remember, the police never ask what race you are when they respond to a call, they just come to help. Start realizing that, America!

(Source: Fox News)