This Duck Dynasty Star Has A Few EPIC Words For Atheists That Puts Them In Their Place! God Bless Him!

Si Robertson is best known for being on his family’s show Duck Dynasty, but he may be just as famous for his outspoken attitude towards those against God’s Word. In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Si admits that he believes there is no such thing as an atheist.

See for yourself:

According to Robertson,

Our calendars are based on Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in him or not, every time you sign your calendar, you add down the day’s date, you’re saying he’s here, OK? That’s documented.

He’s not wrong. He was promoting his new movie Faith of our Fathers, in which Robertson has a brief cameo appearance. The movie focuses on two war vets; one who is devout and one who is a skeptic. Regardless of the opinions of others, Robinson’s beliefs cannot be shaken. God bless him!

(Source: ChristianPost)