This Blonde Bombshell Explains Why Trump Was 100% RIGHT To Question The Mexican Judge

If you’ve been following politics for the last few weeks, Donald Trump has come under fire for calling into question the fairness of Judge Curiel, the presiding judge in his Trump University case.

The liberals, always wanting to make a mountain out of a molehill, took to calling Trump a racist and tried, unsuccessfully, to make it stick. But let’s get down the the facts – it is racist to suggest that a person’s Mexican heritage would make them unfit to judge? Yes, but as it turns out, that’s not what Trump meant, and not the issue in the slightest.

Funny, as liberals never mentioned the real reason why Trump protested the judge.

The problem, was that Judge Curiel’s Mexican heritage absolutely did inform his politics, as political commentator and contributor Monica Crowley explains in this EPIC takedown video:

If you stand with her and with Trump, let us know in the comments! I, for one, think she’s absolutely right!