This Black Trump Supporter Has Had Enough, Says “Mexico Is A F**king HELLHOLE!”

I love showing my Liberals acquaintances new stories like these. I say acquaintances as I don’t have Liberal friends. They’re too PC and backward to hang out with on a regular basis. Especially when they talk about Trump supporters being racist.

Then, when they say things like that, I love showing them Black American, Hispanic, Asian, African, and as many other races I can think of who actually support Trump. That doesn’t sound very racist to me. Actually, that sounds perplexingly diverse.

Of course, it’s only perplexing to Liberals who don’t research anything, get no facts straight, and just yell until someone agrees with them. Here’s one of the aforementioned stories that I show these people.

There are many Black America Trump supporters and possibly none more vocal than this man. He not only tackles the Liberal idiocy, but also why people come to this country and then call Americans racists. This is EPIC. Watch and enjoy!

Warning: Foul Language Warning. Viewer discretion is advised. 

If you couldn’t see the video or hear it, here’s the transcript of this AWESOME bit of truth.

“Why is it acceptable for people who come from other damn countries to be proud of their country, but if American who is proud of the American flag is deemed “racist”? Why are you here is you’re so proud of Mexico? Nobody else wants to say it, but Mexico is a f****** hell-hole. They come over here and use our system because of our weak-ass politicians. Mexican pride this, and Mexican pride that. Then why the hell are you over here? Stop the bullshit. If I was saying a country was so great, I wouldn’t have my ass in another country screaming about how great that country is that I ran away from!”

This might be the biggest question of the entire election. If this is the land of opportunity and America is a great nation, then why is our patriotism seen as racist, but others who come here and have pride in their homeland considered brave and incredible?

America IS great and that’s NOT racist. It’s a damn fact! If you’re a proud American and want people to know about it, share this post!

(Source: YouTube)