This Black Gun Owner DESTROYED Obama’s Gun Ban With 5 EPIC WORDS. OH YEAH!

Colion Noir is a proud gun owner, and unlike the liberals who want to paint him into a corner because of his skin color, he’s a conservative and an NRA member. He’s a triple threat to all the safe space whiners out there, and we love him.

As a conservative, he analyzes the facts for what they are, not what he wants them to be. That means that Obama’s proposed gun ban is something deserving of scrutiny and criticism, and boy, does he ever lay it on.

This video outlines the exact issues with today’s spineless liberal society and how guns aren’t the bogeymen that liberals believe them to be. His title, “Gun Control Won’t Fix This” are five words that destroy Obama’s argument completely.

It’s a must-see and must-share.

(Source: YouTube)