Think You Know Who’s Leading In The Polls? Guess Again!

Donald Trump really is a polarizing figure. He continues to lead the polls for Republican candidates. Behind him though, there are some interesting storylines developing.

According to a recent Fox News poll, we can see that Trump still leads. But behind him in second is now Dr. Ben Carson.

Trump is continuing to dominate with 25 percent support nationally, while retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson is running second at 12 percent. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, known for locking horns with Republican congressional leaders, is third at 10 percent. Those findings mirror recent polls in Iowa and elsewhere.

Of those trailing?

Bush has 9 percent for a fourth-place finish, dropping from 15 percent and second place in a Fox News poll conducted earlier this month, before the first GOP presidential debate.

Walker, the Wisconsin governor, meanwhile, is tied for fifth, at 6 percent — down from 9 percent earlier this month.

Someone not mentioned above is the candidate representing female conservatives, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who comes in at 5 percent. That might not be much, but consider this: she originally was polling around 1.2 percent. A big gain after the first debate.

As the race heats up, check back with Yes I’m Right daily as we give you up to the minute news and goings on as they develop. It’s going to be the most interesting presidential race in history, especially on the right.