They Tried To Burn A Flag Outside The RNC, But Got KNOCKED OUT By AMERICA!

The Republican National Convention is in full swing, and that means that so are the protests outside, led by demonstrators that can’t leave well enough alone and need to start fights with people, then complain that they’re being beaten at their own game.

As a conservative, it’s always great when you see unpatriotic behavior get its just desserts, and today we have a great example, as revolutionary communist Joey Johnson, a revolutionary communist demonstrator, called a flag burning to occur outside the walls of the convention, in front of a large crowd.

As an elderly woman tries to light an American flag as media hover around like the vultures that they are, three police officers come and spray it down with water bottles and apprehend the suspect.

The person behind the megaphone starts yelling at the cops, saying that flag burning is protected speech. First off, it’s funny that a group like the Communist party – a party that aims to overthrow the government, is hiding behind a Constitutional right to get their point across. Second, the cops know that it’s a right.

You see, what the cops were doing, other than making sure that the stars and stripes aren’t desecrated by a basement-dwelling 30-something with a Napoleon complex, is making sure that people huddled around in a circle weren’t starting a bonfire, where people could, in fact, get hurt. The Communist agitators that had such an encyclopedic knowledge of their rights weren’t thinking about anyone but themselves, and got arrested for it.

The flag would, almost certainly start a fight if lit, which it did. Seems like cops, protectors of civility, knew that. It’s still supremely satisfying to see cops stand up for America, with others following suit. Watch and share:

BAM. That’s what you get for messing with AMERICA!