They Told Trump That There Was “No Time For The National Anthem.” What He Did Next Brought A Tear To My Eye.

For anyone that thinks that Donald Trump isn’t a patriotic person, this right here will likely prove them wrong.

There’s no doubt that his patriotism has been called into question. It’s happening all over the air waves from the Liberal left and quite frankly, the notion is unjustified. Hell, Trump’s entire campaign is centered around making America great again and putting America first. How, I ask, is that not patriotic?

Well, no matter what all the haters say, we’ll always have evidence. And what better way to show the evidence, than to our millions of fans at YIR!? None, I say, NONE! So here’s our bit of evidence. At Trump’s rally in Anaheim this past Wednesday, he was told they did not have enough time to play the national anthem.

Trump’s response? No, you’re wrong, we’re gonna do it.

What’s the Liberals? I didn’t hear you Democrats, come again? Yea, you have nothing to say because this man loves America and this is irrefutable proof of that.

The best part of this video is when Trump introduced the singer, Cherri Wilkens, who took to the stage as the crowd chanted “USA! USA!” HELL YEA! What a great way to start Memorial Day Weekend!

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