They Told Ben Carson To “Forget God” He Shut ‘Em Up With One EPIC Photo!

Ben Carson is making waves in the Republican race for the presidency as well. We love Trump, but Carson is a likeable, non-politician as well that has some great policies and some amazing personal values. Here’s a great example.

Carson heard about the Oregon school shooting this past week.

He also heard that the shooter asked everyone their religion and that he was executing all the Christians when they proclaimed their faith. Well here’s Ben Carson’s response.


Amen! Ben Carson, we support you and all Christians.

Carson was also criticized for his lack of support of a muslim POTUS.

Carson was recently in the spotlight, coming under attack for saying that he would not advocate for a Muslim running for President of the United States.

We support Carson in his beliefs and his goal of having a Christian president. We salute Dr. Carson!

(Source: Western Journalism)