They Asked Ted Cruz, TO HIS FACE, “Have You Cheated On Your Wife?” He Said…OMG!

Ted Cruz has gotten himself into quite the scandalous pickle by dragging Trump’s wife into the political sphere by posting one of her GQ modeling photos to defame her. This immediately blew up in Cruz’s face as his wife Heidi got into the mix. At the same time, Rubio supporters, mad at the loss of their candidate, dug up dirt to the tune of no less than five marital indiscretions on the part of Cruz.

That’s why this time, Ted Cruz was asked by the media, directly to his face, if he was ever unfaithful to his wife. Without skipping a beat, Carly Fiorina went ahead of him and tried to change the subject. It’s absolutely telling that Cruz would simply stand there, silent, and let his bodyguard Fiorina speak for him.

According to The Daily Mail,

Ted Cruz declined to answer a question on Monday about whether he has ever been unfaithful to his wife Heidi. ‘Senator Cruz,’ asked him, ‘can you please swat down more definitively this National Enquirer piece by telling us on the record that you’ve never been unfaithful to your wife?’
The National Enquirer published a story last Wednesday that speculated about five women with whom the Republican presidential candidate was rumored to have had extramarital affairs. Cruz has batted down the specifics of the story on numerous occasions since it appeared in supermarket checkout lanes.
But instead of making a blanket declaration that he has been faithful during the entirety of his 14-year marriage – a move that would effectively end the vicious news cycle – Cruz stood silently as campaign surrogate Carly Fiorina leapt in to intercept the question and change the subject.

Ted, a simple “no” would’ve done it.

(Source: The Daily MailYouTube)