They Asked Families “What If Your Daughter Married A Muslim?” The Results…WHOA!

France is a place where Muslims are a hot topic currently.

And that’s not really a surprise. They had muslims carry out terrorist attacks in late 2015. But France is also a liberal nation that has an open arms policy when it comes to diversity. So essentially, they are divided down the middle when it comes to these topics.

Now more than ever it seems as though they are getting the hit that muslims do not belong in a modern society. I a new poll conducted in France, people were asked what their reaction would be if their daughter were to marry someone of a certain religious or ethnic background.

Here are the results.

Sorry. Had to have a bit of fun with you on that one. Of course that’s in French and most Americans can’t read that. Here’s what that all means.

The study, published in Le Journal du Dimanche, aimed to learn about French attitudes toward ethnic and religious minorities, including blacks, Roma, Jews and Muslims.

Of the 1,000 people  surveyed, 56 percent said they would react badly if their daughter married a Muslim.

As to Catholic suitors, only 8 percent said they would react poorly; and 13 percent would have a problem with an atheist son-in-law. Also, 29 percent would be unhappy with a Jewish son-in-law; 43 percent would react negatively to their daughter entering a same-sex marriage; and 34 percent would react badly to their daughter marrying a black man.

That’s right. There is now a majority feeling in a majority liberal nation of negativity towards Islam and the Sharia Law that comes with it. I think it’s about time the bleeding heart liberals in America followed suit.

(Source: The Blaze)