They Asked Donald Trump If He Would Debate Bernie. His Answer…WHOA!

I don’t surprise easily, but I was not expecting this.

Donald Trump has been known to never back down from a fight, nor any challenger who stands in his way, even if it’s democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. Although Sanders is losing the Democratic primaries, he still holds a sizable chunk of the voter base, and the same voter base that would likely vote Trump if the other option is Hillary.

That’s why there’s a strategic advantage for Trump to engage Bernie’s audience firsthand. Thankfully, that option has presented itself via Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Trump made an appearance and agreed to debate Sanders, but only if he got paid and could donate that amount to charity, a noble cause that no other candidate has even brought up.


Bernie’s response? Game on.


Game on indeed. I think Trump would wipe the floor with Sanders. What do you think?

(Source: YouTube)