They Asked Cheney “Is Obama Doing The Right Thing?” His Response Gave Me CHILLS!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has gone on Fox News and took some questions about the Obama administration and Obama himself.

And oh boy, did Cheney unload on the current president. Not only did he destroy the current administration’s far-left social politics, but Cheney, an experienced politician on the global scale, dismantled the myth that the Iranian arms economic deal was a good idea for the country.

Check out his interview on Fox News.

(Source: YouTube)

With this many people, both conservative and liberal (yes there are some), coming out against Obama’s foreign policy, especially this new and severely flawed Iran deal, shouldn’t someone say that this is a bad idea? I challenge more conservatives to come out against this deal. It’s dealing with known terrorists! Liberals are all for it because they truly don’t understand how to deal with foreign threats to America.