They Asked America Who Should Be Trump’s VP. The Verdict…WHOA! I Did NOT Expect THIS!

Ever since Trump announced he would be in the presidential race, there has been speculation as to whom he would pick as a VP candidate.

Earlier this year, after he received a big endorsement from Sarah Palin, many though he’d pick her like John McCain did back in 2008. There’s also been many rumors flying around about former GOP presidential candidates such as Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, and yes even Ted Cruz. However, Sean Hannity wanted to find out what you the people thought.

Hannity conducted a poll and 61,000 people allegedly responded. There was an overwhelming favorite.

Last week we asked you who should Donald J. Trump choose as his running mate. Well, you’ve spoken. Over the course of six days, more than 61,000 of you voted in our poll.

The results?

A plurality of you believe former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich should join Donald Trump’s ticket. Gingrich earned nearly a quarter of all votes, polling 10% higher than his closest challenger Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Retired Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Ohio Governor John Kasich rounded out the top five with 13%, 9%, and 7% respectively.

Check out the full results of the poll:

hannity trump VP poll

As you can plainly see, Hannity’s viewers are in favor of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich running on the Trump Ticket. And this doesn’t seem too far fetched either as we’ve reported Gingrich being a fan of Trump. He’s also spoken out about him on social media.


Either way we think Gingrich would be a great VP. We also think Carson or Rubio would be excellent as Trump’s right hand man, though Rubio has already taken himself out of that conversation. Never say never, Marco, you could be in a position to make history.

(Source: Hannity)