These Democrats Had ENOUGH Of Hillary’s Lies And Switch Sides On LIVE TV!

As the Democratic National Convention ramps up for their big blow out this week, Republicans are coming down from the high that was the RNC last week. Donald Trump accepted our nomination and everyone is still buzzing.

Some people though are continuing to keep the faith and speak out again Hillary Clinton. This man, a former Democrat, was approached by Fox News and he was not too happy about the Liberals.

Watch below and he crushes Hillary in under a minute flat!

WOW! Those are strong words, but they aren’t false. Hillary’s record of lies and deceit are the main focus of the Republican assault on her character. This man gets it and saw the light. When Hillary hired Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on to her campaign, that was the straw the broke the camels back for a lot of people.

Here is possibly the best example to date. This woman, a 60-year old Bernie Sanders supporter was also interviewed as she protested outside of the DNC. Her words? “I’m going to vote for Trump and I’ve never cast a Republican vote in my life.” OH YEA!

All the shady back alley deals are now in one camp. For those of you not keeping score, that’s Camp Clinton.

(Source: Facebook)