These 2 Candidates Dropped Out When 1 Embarrassing Thing Happened!

Iowa is a proving ground whether we like to think so or not. While Trump didn’t have the turnout that we thought he would, it’s actually not a bad turn out for him. Especially given he was never really that strong in Iowa, which is where Cruz shined.

There’s a long way to go and for some, it’s too long.

Two more candidates have officially dropped out and many are saying, “Finally!” Martin O’Malley on the democratic side and Mike Huckabee on the Republican side have officially called it quits after the Iowa numbers were less than stunning – less than stunning meaning effectively ZERO percent went to support them.

That’s beyond embarrassing for O’Malley when his competitors were a brain damaged crook and an insane socialist.

Here are their official announcements.


This gives both the GOP and the dems a clearer path as to who is going to be the front runners, not that either of these two every had a shot. The dems are too close to call as of now, but the GOP has a 3 headed horse race and it’s going to be tight!

(Source: Twitter)