The Wait Is Over: O’Reilly Finds New Home

In case you’ve been waiting to hear where Bill O’Reilly’s voice will grace the airwaves again, the wait is over. O’Reilly has landed at least one gig with his buddy and former co-worker Glenn Beck. Beck left Fox a few years ago but doesn’t seem to be hurting for money or followers, and maybe O’Reilly can follow suit.

Via Daily Mail:

Bill O’Reilly is taking up his former Fox News colleague Glenn Beck’s offer to work together again.

Variety reports O’Reilly announced on his “No Spin News” podcast that he will have a weekly spot on Beck’s radio show. He calls Beck “a good friend” and says the two have a “lively” rapport.

O’Reilly was ousted by Fox News Channel last month amid accusations of sexual harassment that O’Reilly has denied. Beck left the network in 2011 following an advertiser boycott of his program.

In this recent interview that Beck did with O’Reilly, you can get an idea of what their relationship is like, and how these men think TV media in America is going downhill.

Considering that this superstar was cut off very abruptly, there’s no doubt that this will be looked into and parsed out to the fullest extent possible. Fox News may have buckled under the pressure of what the sponsors pulling away from O’Reilly would do to their bottom line, but they’ll be even more affected now that people stop watching them because of decisions like this.

It sounds like it might be a great opportunity for Glenn Beck to increase his audience though. No great tragedy without some small gain I guess.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)