The View Slammed Trump’s Response To The UK Bombing, Stayed Silent On The Actual Muslim Terrorist

Of course, when anything of consequence happens, and the President does his job by responding to it, The View has to do their job and respond to him. Instead of focusing on the actual issue of the people who lost their lives, and the lives of their family members, these brilliant political analysts had to pick apart the way the President criticized the perpetrators.

Via The Blaze:

“The View” co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny hosted slammed President Donald Trump for not acting more “presidential” in his comments addressing Monday’s terror attack in Manchester.

About the attack that took at least 22 lives and injured scores more, Trump said:

“I extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack and to the many killed and the families — so many families of the victims.”

“We stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom. So many young beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life.”

“I won’t call them monsters because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name. I will call them, from now on, losers, because that’s what they are. They are losers. And we will have more of them. But they are losers, just remember that.”

“Our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of bloodshed, we cannot stand a moment longer for the slaughter of innocent people. And in today’s attack it was mostly innocent children. The terrorists and extremists and those who give them aid and comfort must be driven out from our society forever.”

“This wicked ideology must be obliterated and I mean completely obliterated, and the innocent life must be protected. All civilized nations must join together to protect human life and the sacred right our citizens to live in safety and in peace.”

“I didn’t feel that was presidential enough to respond to this kind of …” Hostin said about Trump’s remarks as she was cut off by co-host Joy Behar.

They don’t like that he says what’s on his mind because they don’t like what’s on his mind. However, thankfully there were those that didn’t take too kindly to the distraction from the real issue, or the incessant anti-Trump babble that is always their view.

Heck if I know.

Yes, I believe that would be correct. What are the chances that it will affect them, anyhow.

I think somebody should look into that. Sometimes somebody puts up a good fight, but it’s mostly just a mean hen party with lots of makeup and pretty clothes.

That’s ok if they want to try and distract from the real issue, they’re just making themselves look even more irrelevant than they already did. Hopefully soon their ratings will go as far down the drain as their reasoning skills.

(Source: The Blaze)