The US Military Just Did Something That Would Make Donald Trump PROUDER THAN EVER!

ISIS may continue to try expanding it’s network, but ultimately it’s not going to work. There are powers far greater than they attempting to smite them at every turn.

No matter what Obama says, our boys are continuing to bomb the crap out of ISIS and they’re score a major victory. There are reports coming in this morning that there is reason to believe that one of the highest ranking ISIS terrorist masterminds has been taken out. Omar al-Shishani was one of the top military leaders for ISIS and was called the “minister of war,” aka Omar the Chechen.

Here’s what we know so far.

The US believes that it successfully killed one of ISIS’ most successful military leaders in a March 4 airstrike in Syria.

His death would most likely function as a major setback for ISIS. Aside from the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Georgian ex-commando Shishani has been the most recognizable and popular member of the powerful terrorist group.

And Shishani’s status, combined with his ethnicity, helped draw numerous foreign fighters from the Caucasus region into Syria to fight alongside ISIS. His death would therefore also function as a major moral loss.

BOOM! This should help cripple not only ISIS military operations, but also foreign recruiting.

Though Shishani did not hold a political role within the group, he had managed to carry out some of its most successful military operations. It was Shishani who posed with the stolen US Humvees that ISIS had seized from Mosul, Iraq, and brought back into Syria.

And it was Shishani who led successful ISIS military campaigns throughout Syria as well as a blitz through western Iraq that put the group within 100 miles of Baghdad.

Even the small wins should be celebrated, but there’s still work to be done. Get out there and crush them boys!

(Source: Business Insider)