The US Military Is Bombing The Heck Out Of ISIS And I Couldn’t Be Happier

The U.S. military has apparently heard our voices!

The military has ramped up bombings on ISIS and related targets on it’s way to a record July. Thanks to Vocativ for the below graphic which shows bombing levels in the last year, and the below statistics.

The United States-led airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria surged to record levels in July, signaling an unprecedented escalation by coalition forces during its year-long conflict with the militant group.

Throughout the month, drones and warplanes deployed 2,828 weapons against ISIS targets, according to new figures released by the U.S. Air Forces Central Command. That is a 66 percent increase in the number of bombs and missiles fired at the militant group’s targets in June, and even 22 percent more than the 2,038 used in January, when the coalition unleashed a fusillade of firepower in an effort to drive ISIS out of the Syrian city of Kobani.

This is great news and helps to show that soon, hopefully, ISIS will be wiped off the face of this planet!