The UCLA Shooter’s Religion Bio Was Changed Just Hours After Shooting. It Used To Say…OMG!

As more information is presented, the clearer the image gets.

Recently, the California university known as UCLA suffered a mass shooting by the hands of a PhD student, Dr. Mainak Sarkar.

However, since the shooting, the media has scrambled to find out things about this troubled individual, who was suspected in the killing of his ex-wife Ashley Hasti and UCLA staffer William Klug, before killing himself. Grisly to be sure, but the motivations of the killing are anything but certain.

Until you look at the bio, that is – before admins changed it.

According to Red State Watcher,

This is the “white male” UCLA shooter Mainak Sarkar that the media has been telling us about for the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, none of what the media is telling us is true.

The media appears to be falsely reporting identities that don’t fit their political agenda. UCLA student Pardes S. witnessed a shocking moment when changed Sarkar’s religion from Islam to Hindu.

The news is now all over social media:


This claim is only confirmed by other media sites that looked into his religious affiliations after the fact. Here’s one from USMC:

Reports say both that Sarkar was “despondent” over his grades, and that he had accused Prof Klug of stealing codes from his thesis. Sarkar was also not a “white male” as reported by police.

In fact, he was a Muslim from Bengali. And his “friendship” with the professor he killed had been going south for months.

Now, you have to ask yourself why the media and admins of one of the most liberal colleges in the country would hide the fact that the shooter was, in fact, Muslim.

One working hypothesis is that liberals are so involved with the narrative that they don’t care if people die for an ideology and a culture that revolves around a death cult. I won’t say that it was due to Islamism that he went on a killing spree, but would it honestly surprise anyone if this was the case?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. What do you think? Let’s hear it in the comments!