The Results Are In. Trump Is CRUSHING Every Primary!

It’s Super Tuesday! The Republican primary elections have been hard-fought with political titans battling it out for precious votes, in the chance to get the Republican nomination. The front runners, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, made their cases late into the night to sway on-the-fence voters.

The results are in. Donald Trump is leading the field by a wide margin!


As polls begin to close in Super Tuesday states, Republican front-runner Donald Trump claimed an early win in Georgia, NBC News projects.

The GOP race in Vermont remains too early to call, while Virginia is too close to call, according to early exit polls, with Trump and Marco Rubio both vying for the top spot

NBC news does say the race is too close to call, but Trump is ahead in both primaries as we speak. We’ll also be keeping an eye on Texas as that’s Ted Cruz’s home state and a loss to Trump would probably end his campaign.

UPDATE 10:21 PM 03/01/16

It looks as if Trump is winning the vast majority of primaries and caucuses.

Alabama · 50 delegates
32% reporting · Trump won and has 20 delegates
Alaska · 28 delegates
Last poll closes at 12:00 AM ET
Arkansas · 40 delegates
25% reporting · Trump won
Georgia · 76 delegates
73% reporting · Trump won and has 30 delegates, Cruz has 1
Massachusetts · 42 delegates
62% reporting · Trump won and has 18 delegates, Kasich has 5, Rubio has 5
Minnesota · 38 delegates
10% reporting
Oklahoma · 43 delegates
94% reporting · Cruz won and has 12 delegates, Trump has 10, Rubio has 6
Tennessee · 58 delegates
68% reporting · Trump won and has 26 delegates
Texas · 155 delegates
13% reporting · Cruz won and has 32 delegates, Trump has 14
Vermont · 16 delegates
67% reporting · Trump has 5 delegates, Kasich has 5
Virginia · 49 delegates
99% reporting · Trump won and has 16 delegates, Rubio has 14, Cruz has 7, Kasich has 3, Carson has 2

(Source: NBC News)