The NY Times Wanted Trump’s Ex-Girlfriend To Smear His Name. What She Did Instead…OMG!

You can always count on the Liberal media for one thing: trying to smear someone when it’s totally and completely false.

Their favorite target recently? Donald Trump of course. And by extension, the Liberal media will now smear, misquote, and target anyone that’s been in his life because he’s the “wrong choice” for the leader of our country. Psh, yea right. And Hillary is a better option? Bernie? They need to wake up.

So what did they do this time that’s so horrible. Well how about misquoting Donald Trump’s ex girlfriend and twisting her words so that more people thing Trump is a bad person. Just another day at the office for the sickos that work for the New York Times. Trump called the NYT article a “hit piece” and Trump’s ex, Former model Rowanne Brewer Lane, went on Fox News to clear the air.

Upsetting seems to be a much more forgiving word than I would have used. Maybe furious, apoplectic, or sickened would have been more appropriate. Especially given that someone took her words, which were not meant to bash Trump, and made them to look as though he hates women.

Unreal. The Liberal media will stop at nothing to take him down, but we all know better. If you believe that Trump is the man for the job and the Libs are just stretching to slander him, share this post and get the word out.

(Source: YouTube)