The Numbers Are IN…Donald Trump Will WIN IT ALL!

There’s no stopping the Trump Train now.

Even when Cruz and Kasich join forces in an act of pure desperation and pettyness, Trump rolls on in the polls. This of course has been the common theme throughout the primary and campaign calendar. Ever since it started, Trump has ruled the polls. Even when Cruz or Kasich said that the polls don’t matter. Guess they think American voters don’t matter to, am I right? According to a new survey from Liberal outlet NBC (which shows that this is no joke), Trump not only leads, but he CRUSHES both other GOP rivals.

He’s amassed over 50% in this national poll!


Donald Trump shows no sign of losing momentum in the Republican primary as he gets ready to win big in tonight’s primaries in the northeast. A new NBC/Survey Monkey report from its weekly tracking poll shows Trump nearly doubling up Ted Cruz, 50/26, while John Kasich drops back to 17%. The consolidation of the field has not resulted in a perceptible increase in support for either of Trump’s two challengers for the GOP nomination, as many expected, at least not in this polling series.

Consolidation of the field has not been at all detrimental to Trump. Arguably, he might be benefiting most from it. This is almost certainly why Cruz and Kasich quit calling for each other to leave the race, and instead have worked out a deal to team up against Trump to keep him from getting a majority of the delegates in Cleveland. Even with that, it’s beginning to get tougher and tougher to claim that Trump only represents a limited faction within the GOP.

YES! We couldn’t agree more. There’s no stopping him! Are you voting for Trump? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: Hot Air)