The National Anthem Was Cut Out At A Hockey Game. What Happened Next GAVE ME CHILLS!

With all the negativity and anti-American sentiment that’s been going around these days, this is a video that is sure to fill your heart with patriotic pride!

At a recent NHL hockey game in Toronto, two teams were standing and saluting the American Flag while the national anthem was being sung. Well sometimes things don’t always go as planned and the mic all of a sudden cut out leaving us with no anthem at all! Well the incredible Canadian, and I’m sure some American, fans decided to help out and show their support for our anthem! Check out what happens below in this video from the event. I have chills!


Toronto Maple LeafsDuring a Toronto hockey game, the mic cut out during the US anthem. Awesome response from the Canadian crowd.

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That is incredible! And it didn’t even happen in the U.S.! This just goes to show that no matter what you hear these days, people still love America both here and abroad. God Bless America!

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