The Media Finally Threw Maxine Waters Under The Bus, Like They Should Have A Long Time Ago

Probably all of us at one time or another have said something and almost immediately wished we could take it back. Maybe you saw the shocked expressions on people’s faces, or your words just sounded way different out loud than in your head and it wasn’t pretty. This has finally happened to our friend and California crazy (cough) I mean, representative, Maxine Waters. She has finally gone so far extreme anti-Trump that even the mainstream media can’t cope with her.

Her buddies over at MSNBC who have traditionally given Waters unfettered access to their audience to say whatever slanderous thing she wants to about the President and his cabinet. I guess they’ve finally decided to cut their losses and detach themselves from the liberal spitfire.

When MSNBC thinks you’re too much it might be time to re-evaluate your relevance. Maybe they just can’t help it and their journalistic side takes over from time to time no matter how hard they try to stomp it out. But regardless, it looks like the infamous Auntie Maxine might have finally painted herself into a corner that she can’t get out of.

Waters was basically unheard of before President Trump was elected. She has risen to notoriety based solely on her outspoken criticism of our 45th President. Apparently, that’s what made her famous because it’s really all she’s got to say.  She doesn’t seem to have one single substantive issue to talk about except that President Trump is bad and black people will rise up against him.

Maybe she’s finally gotten too extreme even for the most ultra liberal and they will disown her. Fingers crossed.

(H/T: Conservative Tribune)