The Mainstream Media Is Eating Itself Over Jared Kushner And I Couldn’t Be Happier

We’ve seen a lot of really freaked out people on the left and in the media since President Trump was elected. They’ve been unsuccessful in putting a stop to his right leaning objectionable policies, and at this point, they’re starting to run out of moves and look ridiculous. This rank desperation has caused more and more absurd allegations and insinuations, and yet they persist.

Case in point: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews accusing Jared Kushner of being “in bed” with the Trumps. So . . . many . . . jokes . . . Ok, moving on.

Via The Blaze:

On the heels of two reports from NBC News and The Washington Post that Jared Kushner is purportedly being eyed up by the FBI in the ongoing Russia investigation, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews blasted Kushner and President Donald Trump over White House nepotism.

During Thursday’s airing of “Hardball,” Matthews addressed the reports and voiced his opinion that it was a “bad idea” for Trump to appoint Kushner to any position within the White House.

“I think it was a bad idea to let him become an assistant to the President,” Matthews said. “I think it’s nepotism run wild.”

“This is follow the money time,” Matthews said. “I’m watching this guy. This son-in-law. He’s a business guy. We know what he’s doing.”

He added that wherever Trump goes, Kushner follows closely behind.

“He’s making a lot of money,” Matthews noted. “He married into a lot of money … He’s in bed with that family. And the President troops him around with him.”

In all seriousness, obviously, he’s leveling some pretty strong allegations at one of the President’s right-hand men. This guy is freaked out and considering the first amendment to give him the right to make anyone his personal/political punching bag. If you watched the video, you no doubt saw the fear and fury that Matthews is shooting from his eyes, and I know it’s his job to ask the questions that need to be answered, but it was stated by one of the actual professionals that Jared isn’t actually under investigation, and yet he kept saying that all this really means that he is under investigation.

Surely that’s breaking some kind of rule right there. He can say that he should be under investigation because he’s entitled to that opinion, but the reality is that Kushner isn’t under investigation, and saying that he is, is not only slander but just bad journalism.

(Source: The Blaze)