The Liberal Media Is Turning On Obama! We Couldn’t Be HAPPIER! YES!

I think even the Liberals are getting fed up with this do nothing President’s attitude.

Obama recently said that Donald Trump’s rise was due to the media’s tone and that the reason we have the election we have currently was the media’s fault. Right it’s the media’s fault. It couldn’t be due to the lack of anything happening that’s positive in the past 4 years, right? Couldn’t be because Obama has taken this country into a nose dive right? Couldn’t be because people are fed up with big government that we’ve come to a turning point in American history right? Obama, you fail to see the point yet again.

And now, the Liberal media is turning on him. Here’s the Morning Joe Crew on MSNBC absolutely destroying him.

Oh Obama, blaming others for your shortcomings, yet again. You are the absolute worst.

(Source: YouTube)