The Liberal Media Had Fun Bashing The Military On Memorial Day

While many of us were barbecuing and saying our prayers of thanks, for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us on this Memorial Day, the liberal media obviously didn’t take a day off. No, they took the opportunity to smash one of our extremely well-respected (and feared) branches of the military.

Vox’s attempt at a scathing hit piece on the United States Marines cites what they’re calling “toxic masculinity” as being the problem with our armed forces today.

Via Allen B. West:

The leftist ingrates at Vox published an article that criticized the United States Marine Corps on Memorial Day, accusing the Corps of having a “toxic masculinity” problem. The article, written by Alex Ward, attempts to create the narrative that the Marines need to change their attitude and their image following the deplorable nude photo-sharing scandal.

Ward argues that in order to fix its image as a hive of “toxic masculinity,” the Marines should do more to incorporate women into combat roles. Never mind that studies have shown that women are not as qualified as men to undertake the physical burdens necessary to join the Marines. According to Ward, this change is necessary to change the image of the Marines and other military branches.

Our military might have some problems, but I don’t think an overgrowth of masculinity is one of them. I’ve seen toxic masculinity, and it doesn’t look like the boy next door in fatigues, shouting “ooh rah.” Toxic masculinity looks like the guy who is too concerned about preserving his appearance to sacrifice for anyone else. Toxic masculinity is a gang of thugs who rape the women who they consider to be less valuable than dogs. Toxic masculinity is the opposite of what the Marines believe in, Semper Fidelis; always faithful.

If I had to guess, I would guess that whoever wrote that piece didn’t know much about masculinity or the Marines. But that’s ok, the Marines will keep on protecting them anyway because that’s their job, to sacrifice for everyone, even the ones who run them down. And there’s nothing toxic about that.

(Source: Allen B. West