The DNC Comes Clean And Admits Every LIE They’ve Ever Told. I Can’t Stop Laughing.

Sometimes, all we need to really understand something is to see it from another perspective. Imagining what someone (or something) might say about an issue can be really revealing.

Here’s what one political analyst thinks that the DNC might write in it’s bio if it were a thing that could write bios. It reads:

Hi! I’m the DNC. I got hacked by the “Russians” and all my emails got out to the public. I had uncovered [sic] journalists expose I stage protests and will use violence and cheating to win.

My presidential candidate had an illegal private server with classified documents. When the FBI and the DHS requested access to these materials, we would not give it to them. She was also married to an impeached rapist former president.

My last president has absconded and is hiding documents involved in an investigation into classified information leaking to the public. I had a staffer, processing server and federal prosecutor involved with me all die mysteriously in less than a year.

I had multiple members of my party arrested for pedophilic activity this year. Have I mentioned Trump Russia yet?

Sadly, the DNC in reality doesn’t seem to be ready to fess up to all of that but it is what the evidence says.

Why anyone is still supporting the party of crooks is beyond me. Maybe their meetings have really good snacks.