The Crowd TURNED On Bernie Sanders When He Mentioned Hillary’s Name. It’s ALL OVER!

Bernie Sanders is not having a good month. First, he concedes to a crook that basically stands for the exact opposite of his populist ideals, then he decides to endorse her anyway, because as a Democrat, his principles take a backseat to all that political power he could get.

Following that, leaked emails are uncovered outlining exactly how the DNC rigged the system in order to have Hillary win, and Sanders still stays in the Hillary camp, because of the reasons I just listed – money and power. However, even though they are liberals, the people supporting Bernie aren’t complete idiots.

They saw right through his ruse and called him out as the sell out he rightfully is, and at a press event at the DNC, Bernie got his just desserts for siding with an outright crook.

Watch as they instantly turn on him the second he mentions Hillary:

He immediately recoils and understands that he has made a big, big mistake and this endorsement just handed the election to Donald Trump. Thanks for that, Bernie. Thanks a lot.