That Time CNN Was So Dumb That They Tried To Take Down A Fake Story While America Was Watching

In the wake of the recent shootings just outside D.C. where Republicans who were practicing for a charity baseball game were targeted and shot, some of the nation’s politicians are attempting to come together and send their prayers and positivity to those affected by the shooting.

Others, who are still more obsessed with brainwashing the masses than with helping the nation, are still trying to skew the story to make it sound like Democrats are good and Republicans are bad.

The most recent demonstration of that is when some of the same politicians who were at the baseball field were in a game and they came together for a moment of silence and prayer for Steve Scalise and others shot. This was a rare bipartisan display of support, and we know this no thanks to the Communist News Network who tried very hard to make it look like the party who pushes the “separation of church and state” was suddenly hit with the religion stick.

And, even better than that, they immediately regretted it and removed it before we could all get the chance to view it. Apparently, the karma was strong with this one.

Via Daily Wire:

According to CNN, when Republicans are praying, they simply don’t exist.

That’s certainly the impression one could get when viewing this tweet from CNN.

Wait; it’s been deleted.

But through the magic of the Internet, and a snapshot, you can see it here, accompanied by a tweet from Fox News that got it right:

That’s right; the CNN tweet only mentions Democrats praying at the Congressional baseball game in the aftermath of the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and four others., which is hugely ironic since the Democratic Party is the party that often abhors Christianity.

But here’s the video of members of Congress praying:

And they try to tell you there’s no bias in media. I’m here to tell you that the fact that there IS bias in media was the first lesson in my media writing course. The question you’ve got to as yourself is how much bias you’re ok with, and whether you’re able to be constantly aware of it enough to not be affected.

For once in their lives, the two parties that are forever locked in a struggle for their own will and way in the country did something together to send a tribute to their co-workers who were wounded in a senseless attack, and CNN used it as an opportunity to try and bias you toward the party that they support.

Whether they’re trying to soften the word up to the Democrats or whether they just couldn’t stand to say anything even vaguely nice about the Republicans, the result was the same; they tried to lie to the American people and we found them out. This happened to be a highly televised event and one where there were plenty of witnesses and other news cameras there. I suppose that if it hadn’t been we would just be stuck with swallowing whatever lie they wanted to feed us.

Welcome to the land of the free, where freedom of the press has been distorted into a blanket excuse for lying to the people who depend on you for news.

(Source: Daily Wire