That Time An Arizona Sheriff SLAMMED Obama On Gun Control TO HIS FACE And Left Him Speechless

Last year in a town hall setting in which the subject was gun control, then-President Barack Obama took questions from the audience. He wasn’t ready for what happened next.

Sheriff Paul Babeu asked president Obama, “What would your executive actions have solved?” This was in relation to mass shootings under the Obama administration’s time in the White House. The answer is really none, to be perfectly honest, but Obama attempted to provide an answer, once again dancing around the real issue.

He also added that Obama’s executive actions are completely unconstitutional, which is a known fact! This guy is awesome. He’s also running for congress and if I lived in Arizona, he’d be receiving my vote. I’d be first in line.

Take a look at the exchange below and share this everywhere! This is an incredible lambasting of Obama in the highest regard, and I can’t agree with the Sheriff more.

(Source: YouTube)