Texas Border Patrol Just Found A Bunch Of Illegals Hiding In A….WHAT?!

Illegals won’t give up. They’re still pouring into the country, sliding into cracks and crevices along the border. The Obama gravy-train is over but we’re still dealing with the consequences. President Trump isn’t a miracle worker; he can’t wave his hand and instantly solve the crisis.

Texas Border Patrol agents recently arrested a Guatemalan truck driver/ human smuggler. His brilliant plan for getting into the U.S. was to cram 60 illegal immigrants into the back of a refrigerated tractor-trailer.

Breitbart reports:

“The agents… observed a tractor-trailer approaching the inspection station located 80 miles from the Texas/Mexico border. A K-9 agent alerted to the presence of something unusual in the back end of the locked refrigerated trailer… Upon unlocking the trailer, agents discovered 60 illegal aliens lying on, and within, pallets of broccoli lined with thin sheets of ice. The agents determined the temperature inside the trailer to be 49 degrees.”

What sort of wild desperation leads someone to hide themselves in a trailer? Just a few weeks ago Texas officers rescued over a dozen illegals who not only hid themselves inside a swelteringly hot truck, but were somehow unable to get themselves out when people started dying. Multiple perished from heatstroke while sitting in Walmart parking lot.

A little over a year ago Alex Jones’ crew interviewed illegals who had just hopped the border. Watch below:

Let’s face it. Illegals won’t stop sneaking into America until they realize that hiding themselves in trucks and freezers won’t work. And even then, they’ll probably still be people trying to run across the border.

What can we do? Simple. President Trump spelled it out during the campaign: build the wall!

(Source: Breitbart)