Ted Nugent Tells Liberals To Knock It The Hell Off

In a world where we’re told that our political affiliation defines who we’re allowed to be ok talking to and if you don’t like someone’s policies you’re given the green light to trash the town in defiance, one conservative rock star is getting the stink eye from the left for his aggressive comments.  Ted Nugent has been known for his outspoken support of the NRA, President Trump and all things right of the aisle.

Nugent’s overly enthusiastic defense of his second amendment rights has some on the left melting down into a puddle of objections and hurt feelings. While his particular phrasing could possibly be seen as a bit hostile, it’s certainly not more so than what Black Lives Matter and similar groups have been touting recently.

Regardless, Nugent has decided to take one for the team and tone it down a bit. He talked about this, and his reasons for doing it, in an interview with Fox and Friends.

Via Fox News Insider:

Rocker Ted Nugent said he plans to tone down commentary during his shows that some observers may see as violent.

He said his widely-referenced riff telling his political opponents to “suck on my machine gun” was a metaphor for those opposed to Second Amendment rights.

“I have never projected hate,” he said. “That was a metaphor… but the left is so dishonest that they misrepresented that.”

“The Motor City Madman” apologized for any “Detroit street slang” that may have come across as threatening in the past, saying America must unite against violence.

“I’m saying we must all unite to bring no violence, no harm to any of our fellow Americans.”

He said he will even join ideological opponent Bill Maher in a show of solidarity on his HBO program.

For his upcoming shows, Nugent said his intensity will “not back down one spit.”

But, he said he would be more careful as to what imagery he uses in his comments.

As FoxNews.com reported, Nugent is considering making a run in against Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) in 2018.

“[Put] America first, make America great again, job security, secure the border. You know, it’s so simple even guitar players can figure it out,” he said.

While Nugent’s gesture in favor of a broader social acceptability is a nice thing for him to do, we can’t just overlook the hypocrisy of the left saying that he’s being over the top. This is a group who’s bedfellows are pretending to behead the President and staging plays where they act out (and glorify) killing him for the world to see. I realize that they’re citing the recent gun violence for the need to dial it back, but it seems to me that the party who’s been attacked should be putting out a strong show of force to let the world know that we can and will defend ourselves.

I generally try to avoid the overused term “snowflake” but these kinds of meltdowns are what gave the overly emotional left that nickname, and it’s what’s keeping it an accurate description. Nugent was gracious enough to see that he might be more effective if he tempered his instinct to lash out. The left could learn a lesson from that.

(Source: Fox News Insider