Ted Cruz’s VP Pick Just Called Him A WHAT??!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! HA HA!

Well if this doesn’t sink the Cruz ship, I’m not sure what will.

Ted Cruz announced his pick for Vice President yesterday. Well all know this by now. What many might not know is this: Carly Fiorina dislikes Ted Cruz.

We’re unearthed a video from early in this election that it slipping through the cracks of the mainstream media that very few people have seen. When Fiorina was still in the running for the GOP nomination before dropping out, she said some pretty unfavorable yet completely true things about Ted Cruz that the world needs to hear.

Take a listen.

What was that? That’s the sound of everyone’s collective jaw dropping on the floor.

Way to go Ted, you’ve dommed your campaign with someone who hates you!

(Source: YouTube)