Ted Cruz’s Father May Have Helped ASSASSINATE JFK! OMG!

Here’s something that’ll get you thinking about Ted Cruz and his past.

We’ve been hearing some startling allegations in the past 1-2 months about Cruz and his past. First, there was Donald Trump calling him out for not being a naturally born U.S. citizen, something that Trump continues to say to this day. Then, there was an allegation about cheating on his wife with mistresses and prostitutes as Cruz was named in a little black book of a Madam that ran a brothel. Two strikes there Teddy.

Now there is another allegation coming out that might be the cream of the crop. According to a report, there is speculation that Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination!


Previous questions have surfaced about the 1960s activities of Rafael Cruz, Sr., the father of GOP presidential hopeful Rafael Cruz, Jr. (Ted Cruz).

Based on the presence of the elder Cruz, an anti-Castro activist, in Dallas and New Orleans before the November 22, 1963, assassination of President John F. Kennedy, there is a strong reason to believe that Cruz was associated with Central Intelligence Agency’s anti-Castro operations.

Furthermore, a Cuban hired by alleged JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and who bears a striking resemblance to Cruz is seen in an iconic photograph of Oswald and a group of Cubans Oswald hired who were distributing “Hands off Cuba!” pamphlets in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. The photo of Oswald and other Cubans he hired for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee was taken outside the International Trade Mart in New Orleans on August 16, 1963. WMR has been informed by a source that the individual to Oswald’s left is none other than Rafael Cruz. The photograph at the trade mart was favorably compared to a 1954 photograph of Cruz attached to an official Cuban Ministry of Education document.

Should this turn out to be true, Cruz might have to declare himself ineligible for the presidency due to the fact that his own father had a hand in killing JFK.

This is a breaking story and we’ll have more information on this as the details unfold.

(Source: Snopes)