Ted Cruz Gets EPIC Truth Bomb About His Campaign. HE’S FINISHED!

I think Ted Cruz may have finally seen the light after hearing this.

On NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Ted Cruz went on to talk about how he’s the right candidate for the GOP and attacked Donald Trump, yet again, for no reason at all. Cruz continues his childish and backwards thinking and ideology, showing us that denial is apparently more important than truly trying to change America for the better and put in policies that will help the American people. This, of course, is what Trump is doing.

Because of this, Cruz has continued to deny the fact that voters don’t like him. Well Chuck Todd gave him a MASSIVE dose of reality. Cruz might finally be seeing that he cannot win this uphill battle. Here’s the full interview.

Is it just me or is Cruz consistently beaten and battered by Todd here? Cruz is usually pretty good on TV interviews, but this shows Cruz constantly backtracking and pinned into a corner.

This leads me to believe that Cruz has just about had it. Trump is winning and Cruz is beginning to know that his run might be over soon.

(Source: YouTube)