Ted Cruz Caught Trying To TRICK Voters Into Voting For Him! DISGUSTING!

Well Ted Cruz just lost a lot of respect with me. And likely will lose a lot of points in the race once this story gets out.

Cruz and his campaign just sent the most convoluted voter packet to those in Iowa, trying to get them confused about how to vote and to vote for Cruz, instead of Trump.

Disguised as a “voter violation” it attempts to get voters out because of “low voter turn out” in the area the mailers go to. Well that actually might not be true at all:


This is defended by the Cruz campaign saying this is a common tactic.

Cruz himself defended the notices, according to the Associated Press, saying that that type of tactic is “routine” and that he and his staffers are “using every tool we can” to get voters out.

As it turns out, these “voter violations” aren’t even a legitimate way to measure voter participation, and they are not official documents. The report cards say that the information was gleaned from “voting registration and voter history records” which distributed by the Iowa Secretary of State. But Iowa’s Secretary of State himself, Paul Pate, went so far to say that the notices misrepresents voter data in a statement on Saturday, according to The Hill, and that no such official violation even exists.

Wow. What a scare tactic and a shady way to do business. Other GOP candidates have called Trump a racist and not a true Republican. He at least sticks to his morals, even though they are not racist, and he doesn’t try to scam voters into voting for him.

(Source: Gawker)