Take A Wild Guess What This Obama-Loving Hack Blamed Deadly Hurricanes On

Texans, Hurricane Harvey is your fault. At least, that’s the narrative MSNBC is trying to push down our throats.

The liberal media outlet hosted an interview with Obama-crony Richard Stengel. Stengel’s experience has nothing to do with disaster relief or city planning but MSNBC’s pundits still chose to question him about Hurricane Harvey.

Stengel feels that Harvey was a man-made disaster. He criticized Vice President Pence for expressing hope that Texas would be rebuilt.

“Part of the problem with Harvey, like Katrina, is, these are man-made disasters in part. Because the thousands and thousands of buildings that have been built in Houston on floodplains, on 100-year floodplains over the last ten years. These are problems of public officials and unregulated expansion that has made these areas vulnerable,” Stengel complained.

He then went on to say that Texans would be wise to plan their cities using Amsterdam’s model. It’s become popular for leftists to fetishize Europe. They want to throw out America’s principles and rebuild as a socialist nation.

“To me, it’s not about building bigger and better, it’s about building to a 500 or 1,000-year plan the way Amsterdam is and other cities that are threatened like this. This is a problem of public servants,” Stengel concluded.

(Source: Breitbart)