Survivor Of Vegas Shooting Calls Rush Limbaugh, Tells Everyone What They’re Missing

The Las Vegas shooting is already being politicized.

Liberals have latched onto the tragedy as an excuse to bring up gun control. Their insistence has forced conservatives to go on the defense. Instead of focusing on what the country can do to heal, Washington has been forced to parry questions about the second amendment.

A survivor was so disgusted by what he was hearing that he called Rush Limbaugh.

“Hey, I just want to let you know that I was at the concert over the weekend. I was there Friday, Saturday, and on Sunday. I was on ground close to Jason Aldean near a barrier, and I saw, you know, and felt the terrifying event. I’m shaken as I talk right now,” a man identified as Tim told Limbaugh.

“But what I really wanted to say was, you know, to me it was good people that were there — black, white, Hispanic, Asian, you name it, good people enjoying a great time, great music. Not one time did I see somebody wearing a Trump hat. Not one time did I see anybody wearing a Trump shirt. We were just there having a good time —“

A few liberals have tried to be funny by suggesting that the festival-goers deserved their fate because country music is enjoyed by a lot of President Trump’s supporters. The joke is both cruel and based on false information. People of all colors and creeds were enjoying the concert.

“You know, the last two days have been kind of a blur, you know, and lack of sleep and just dealing with what I witnessed. But I did read a couple of articles,” Tim continued.

“I don’t remember exactly where, where I had heard somebody referencing country fans… as being Trump supporters, so in a way, it wasn’t that big of a deal or we deserved it… You know, I happen to be a Trump fan, but you know what? I love America first.”

(Source: RushLimbaugh.Com)