Study Reveals That Majority Of Liberal News Outlets Are Sexist Against Men

Tell me more about how Republicans and Conservative news outlets are sexist. Tell me more about how Liberals are the “tolerant” ones. Tell me more about how this article is going to be twisted by the Liberal media to say that we’re the ones with the sex preference issues.

Well no matter what the Democratic dum-dums say, we see the truth. According to a report from the Media Research Center, 83% of reporters sent to cover Democratic events, Hillary Clinton, and other Democratic candidates are women. Only 17% of reporters sent to cover Democratic events were male. To us that seems like an insane gender gap.

Before everyone gets all insane about women’s equality, we are 100% for women’s equality in the workplace, but we also believe in TOTAL equality in the work place.

Apparently, the Democrats do not.

In order to conduct the analysis, the Media Research Center “reviewed all 950 ABC, CBS and NBC weekday and weekend evening news stories about the 2016 presidential campaign from January 1 to June 7.”

According to the breakdown, 547 stories were focused on the Republican race, 295 were focused on the Democrats and 108 featured equal coverage for both parties.

While male reporters did produce more GOP-centric stories compared to their female counterparts, women dominated the coverage of the Democratic field.


MRC notes that 245 of the 295 Democrat-focused stories were reported by women, compared to only 50 reported by men.

Additionally, the analysis showed female reporters covering the Democratic campaign took up 520 minutes of airtime, compared to just 108 minutes from their male counterparts.

Back in 2015, Politico’s Hadas Gold acknowledged the gender-disparity in election coverage, but claimed it was purely a coincidence.

“No editors interviewed for this story acknowledged assigning reporters to Clinton based on their gender, and none of the reporters said they were chosen because they were women,” she stated. “But many said they felt it was important nonetheless to have women covering a female candidate.”

I mean even the “apparently sexist” Republicans sent 32% women to cover events. If we were to compare the minority bar on each side of the graph, we can see that GOP female correspondents nearly double Democratic male correspondents. That’s insane. It’s as if they’re not trying to hide their bias at all.

This also leads us to believe of a Liberal news outlet conspiracy. Now we here at YIR are NOT conspiracy theorists nor do we usually go batty when thinking about a topic like this, but it really makes you scratch your head. Are they purposefully sending out women, instead of men, because they think the women reporters do a better job of covering Hillary (unlikely) or do you think that they’re doing it to get a more biased, focused, and emotional connection to Hillary and a visceral reaction when the topic turns to Trump (much more likely)? Probably the latter.

And to that point, are these women reporters more negative about Trump too? I’d say yes. Democratic women do not like Trump, but Democratic men are more open to voting for him.

Go check the polls, we’ll wait.

Liberal news outlets are deliberately trying to sway the vote at the sacrificial alter of journalistic integrity and sex favoritism and it’s absolutely disgusting. Liberals are USING women right under their noses.

If you think this is a sickening power play by the left, share this with your friends and have your voice heard!

(Source: The Daily Caller)