Steve Scalise Returns To Capitol Hill For First Time Since Shooting, That’s When It Happens

This is awesome! Politics are gritty and divisive; Congress rarely does anything that isn’t tainted with selfish machinations.

Except for today. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise returned to work today and representatives went wild. Three months ago Scalise was gunned down by a deranged liberal while practicing for the congressional baseball game.

The representative was severely injured, and at times his recovery was in doubt. He pulled through, however. Congress was so pleased with his recovery that the entire House spontaneously erupted into a standing ovation when Scalise entered the room.

“Wow. You have no idea how great this feels to be back here at work in the people’s house,” Scalise said.

“As you can imagine, these last three-and-a-half months have been pretty challenging times for me and my family, but if you look at the outpouring of love, of warmth, of prayer… I have been overwhelmed with all of that outpouring.”

Members on both sides of the aisle applauded Scalise. Party squabbles and petty disagreements stop mattering when someone’s life is on the line. Scalise was targeted because he was Republican; the gunman wanted to kill conservatives.

“When I was laying out on that ball field, the first thing I did once I was down and I couldn’t move anymore, is I just started to pray. And I will tell you, it gave me an unbelievable sense of calm knowing that at that point it was in God’s hands,” Scalise said.

The injured representative went on to call for more agreement in the house. Every elected official was voted into office so he or she could America better. Differences of opinion will arise, but the fights don’t need to be nasty.

Influential politicians across the globe expressed their dismay after Scalise was attacked.

“I was not expecting … the outpouring of love and support from world leaders. People I’ve met and known, [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu and I have had some incredible conversations from the hospital. [British Prime Minister] Theresa May reached out, King Abdullah of Jordan reached out,” Scalise said.

(Source: New York Post)