Steve Bannon: George W. Bush Was Worst President In US History

Steve Bannon just threw down the gauntlet. His war with the Republican party has reached a new, inflammatory level. The former White House strategist attacked the Bush family during a radio interview this week.

Bannon’s comments come as George Bush junior and senior release a book vindicating their own histories, and lambasting President Trump.

“The Bushes are triggered by Donald Trump. They personally, obviously, detest him. I hear this book’s going to actually say that Bush 41 actually voted for Hillary Clinton, and Bush 43 didn’t vote at all,” Bannon said.

“If that’s the case, and you think of what the Clintons stand for, and how we lost this country with judges and policies, and what we’re doing throughout the world with our sovereignty, and think of those people at the Remembrance Project – so many of whom died on George Bush’s watch – it’s just disgusting.”

The Republican establishment is in serious trouble. Conservatives are looking for something more. It’s been hinted that Bannon is trying to craft a new political party, headed by himself and Trump.

Bannon’s disgust with the Bushes runs so deep that he believes that the younger Bush was the worst president in history.

“It says something about Bush that Bush is here attacking, once again attacking President Trump and being just as vitriolic as possible. I’ll reiterate this: I think President Bush 43 will go down in history as the single most destructive in the United States – and I include James Buchanan in that, the president before the Civil War,” Bannon raged.

(Source: Breitbart)