Stephen Colbert Was Taking Orders From Hillary Clinton, New Report Finds

The nature of comedy being what it is, traditionally, comedians get a pass to poke fun at whatever they want. No matter what your political affiliation or religious beliefs, if you do something stupid or inconsistent, you can depend on a comedian to cash in on it.

The need to be able to spot a hypocrite is probably one of the reasons that it’s widely believed that funny people are smarter than your average bear, some would even say highly intelligent.

That’s the reason you should pay close attention to what ideas favorite late night host might be putting in your head. Since he’s not stupid, Stephen Colbert apparently decided that he needed to throw his lot in with a political candidate, and he chose our good friend, Hillary, according to a WikiLeaks document.

Anybody surprised? No? Didn’t think so. Colbert’s militant anti-Trump push isn’t something that he could pass up. I guess if you’re a super rich, anti-capitalist that makes your money on something intangible like running your mouth (the way both Hillary and Colbert do) you’ve got to have one another’s backs. What they lack in moral integrity they seem to make up for in networking ability.

You may think it’s comedy when you hear someone poking fun at a conservative, but please remember that these people are far too smart to waste even one second of air time. Even if the comedian themselves aren’t particularly politically minded, someone with the instincts of a shark will make it worth their while to make a hard left turn, and support their political party.

(Source: Still Bill)