Stephen A. Smith Switches Sides Live On Air And GOES OFF On The Liberal Media

Words can (and do) have huge and profound meanings. I know, because I wouldn’t have a job if they didn’t. That’s why it’s the oldest trick in the book to redefine a word if you want to turn a discussion in your direction. It confuses the people who’ve been using the word all their lives, and it lets them distract you from the real issue. Liberals have done this with the word “immigration.” They’ve taken the word “immigration” and made it mean “illegal immigration.”

That word “illegal” is a really really important modifier, and the left knows that, which is why they’re trying to pin it on Republicans that we’re anti-immigration.

The illustration that he uses about immigration and banking could be done many other ways as well. For instance, many people take pharmaceuticals or drugs, but nobody is saying that the cops who are busting drug lords also want to ban pharmacies. It’s about working within the bounds of legal and sustainable guidelines with the safety of Americans at the forefront.

You might be asking yourself why anyone would twist words like this. The answer, unfortunately, is because, in order to win this debate, all the left needs is to appeal to the compassion of the general population. When they say “immigrant” they’re depending on you to immediately project the image of an immigrant that you know and love into the conversation. If you get emotionally involved and decide that you don’t want your friend or loved one affected by a mass deportation, you’ll side with them. Even if your loved one immigrated legally, maybe especially if they did it legally, they can still make you scared if they redefine the term. Unfortunately, scare tactics are the name of the game if your argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)