South Germany Went Behind Merkel’s Back And Told Muslims To Get Out

The entire world seems to be struggling with the problem of what to do with immigrants. Allowing outsiders to be a part of a society is generally considered the nice thing to do, and most countries do it to one degree or another.

Traditionally the immigrants were attracted to a country based on what opportunities that country might offer. Sadly, the incredible flood of Middle Eastern immigrants are looking less for a new home and more for some real estate to re-make their old home.

They’ve been getting away with a whole lot and certain parts of Europe are fed up (finally). In an effort to decrease the ease with which extreme Islam can be practiced in their country, areas of southern Germany have taken a bold move against the traditional garb if Muslims.

Via Newsweek:

Germany’s conservative Catholic state of Bavaria is pushing ahead with a ban on the full Islamic face veil, set to come into effect from August 1. The state’s parliament approved the ban Thursday.

Coming soon before September’s German election, and after controversial bans on Islamic clothing in other European nations, the ban has already sparked debate. Here’s what you need to know.

The Bavarian law states that it is important for society that people are able to see each others’ faces.

Face-to-face contact “forms the basis of our interpersonal coexistence, and is the basis of our society and of the free democratic order,” it says. In this, it follows a resolution adopted earlier this year by the pan-European conservative European People’s Party, which said: “seeing one another’s faces is an integral part of human interaction in Europe.”

Before the American pride jumps to the aid of those who are irate they’re not allowed to wear whatever they want to, let’s back it up and notice one detail; the first sentence from Newsweek states that we’re talking about the “Catholic state of Bavaria”. That means that everyone living there or who chose to immigrate there knew that Catholicism was the religion of the land.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if you live in or immigrate to a country where Islam is the national religion, you will find yourself covered. Whether with a burqa of your choosing or acid from a religious enthusiast, the covering will be happening.

Those who take their religion so seriously should understand that the same can be said of this area of Germany. So the options are; comply, or leave. I’m sure they’re good with whichever you might choose.

(Source: Newsweek)