SoCal Shooting Was Done By Muslims, But Liberals Wish They Were White! This Is OUTRAGEOUS!

This is sickening. This is how backward this country has become.

Social media went off this morning and yesterday as the shootings in california hapened. Liberals took to their twitter and facebook accounts challenging that the muslim shooters of yesterday’s disgusting display of inhumanity acted alone and weren’t connected to islam or most muslims. In fact, most liberals said that they wish they were white of that white shooters were somehow better for America because they were easier to diagnose as “lone wolves.” As usual, leave it to liberals to make a mockery of the current world we live in and continue to live in their bubble of denial.

And as usual, conservatives told the real story here.

Even other muslims were chiming in saying that if you think muslims aren’t terrorists, you are all fools.

Whatever happens now, you can be certain that more and more liberals will call for gun control. But I’ll leave you with this sobering fact as a reminder that gun control isn’t the answer here.

(Source: Twitter)