So Much For The Woman Card. Hillary Clinton Lost A TON Of Women Supporters!

The best news of today? You’ll find it right here in this article.

Hillary Clinton panders to liberals. Mainly, she panders to the female voter. This, we know. What we didn’t know, until just now, is that recent polls are showing that democratic, female voters are abandoning her and her campaign by the thousands; and it’s growing more and more every day.

Which makes me all warm and tingly inside because she should be in jail, not on the campaign trail.


A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that only 42 percent of Democratic-leaning female voters say they expect to vote for Hillary. Eight weeks ago, 71 percent expected to.

Mildly sexist insults are one thing; blatant dishonesty and possible criminality are another. Or so it seems.

Clinton’s decline is driven by white women. 60 percent of non-white Democratic-leaning voters still support Clinton. However, her support their white counterparts is down to 37 percent, according to the poll.

So what is the reasoning behind the mass exodus from Hilliary? Well that’s nothing new, but it’s reassuring to hear it again.

The dramatic decline in Clinton’s support can only be explained by the email scandal. It’s the one major new development during the eight week period in which the 29 point drop occurred.

Hillary has said of the scandal ‘nobody talks to me about it other than [reporters].’ Either she isn’t being candid or her pollsters, and the voters who talk to her, aren’t.

Hillary, nobody talks to you about it because they don’t want to worry you. Your team doesn’t talk to the voters, you and the press, however, do. Shouldn’t you put more weight behind what we think?

Apparently Hillary not only is blind to the declines, but she also thinks we’re stupid. Chalk up another loss. Chalk up another smile from me.

(Source: Powerline Blog)